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NG Needle

Bioimpedance Based Medical Devices

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Our bioimpedance needle can distinguish between different kinds of tissues by measuring their electrical properties

Whether it is biopsy, ablation or spinal injection, NG Needle can develop devices that optimize needle placement in real time.

  • Robust signal
  • Multi-sensors
  • Low-cost

NG Needle was awarded a grant from the Israeli OCS. We were a Biztec (The Technion’s startups accelerator) finalist and were chosen to present at the World Health Summit 2015 startups track in Berlin.

Using a micron-scale fabrication process performed on an existing needle, we turn the needle into a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver. The sensing mechanism used in this novel probe is based on injecting small electrical currents that are imperceptible and well-below FDA-approved current levels. The electrical properties of tissue are sensitive to a tissue’s cellular arrangement and can be used to distinguish between cancer and benign tissue.

The Team

Amit Zilberstein



Matan Galanty


M.Sc, HUJI Applied Physics

Itai Hayut

Inventor/ Advisor

M.Sc, HUJI Applied Physics

Lev Lavy

Inventor/ Advisor

M.Sc, HUJI Applied Physics

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